The Value of DiSC®

  • Offers a personal guide to learn about yourself, your team, or your organization and how to adapt behavioral and personality styles based on different environments and situations;
  • Delivers a comprehensive assessment of people’s actual behavioral style based on personality, priorities, motivators, and behavioral tendencies;
  • Promotes self-awareness and understanding on how behavioral style impacts work, communication, problem solving and influencing others;
  • Develops leadership and managerial skills which will help effectively support teams as well as: reduce conflict, minimize misunderstandings, and improve communication – allowing teams to focus on establishing and achieving goals; and
  • Increases sales efforts through the development of new skills and approaches, which cater to the needs of customers.

In today’s organization there is an undeniable need for personal development and growth across all levels. Employees seek to be provided with the tools and resources that will enhance and contribute to their growth as a better: communicator, problem solver and leader. Using DiSC personality assessments, accompanied with proper coaching and training, individual growth and improvement can be fulfilled and organizational coherence amongst management and employees will be established and achieved.

Here’s How DiSC Works

Each assessment will include a 20+ page report that provides comprehensive details and personalized language on your behavioral style and personality traits.  The report will provide tips for working woith others that have a different style and how to use your defined traits to your advantage and become a better team member, manager and leader.  Through effective training and coaching, employees can ignite the motivation to create achievable goals and with the right tools, reach their potential and make a positive impact within their organization.   


Let’s Breakdown the Letters



(D) Dominance

Dominance revolves around directness, assertiveness and control. Those who fall under dominance are typically competitive, ambitious and results-driven.

(I) Influence

Influence includes those that are people connectors, collaborators and tend to be extroverted.  Folks with this profile approach work with enthusiasm and optimism.

(S) Steadiness

Steadiness is considered sympathetic, supportive and patient; this style prefers a stable work environment and can easily work through tasks without distraction.

(C) Conscientiousness

Compliant, detail-oriented and accuracy are traits of conscientiousness.  They prefer an environment with structure, analysis and logical processes.

Assessment results will generally indicate (by a dot) one or two dimensions that you fall under, this would indicate your primary or combination style.  For example, you could be a primary “D” or fall into a combination style of “Di”.  Understanding where you, your team and/or your organization fall within the DiSC profile, will provide additional knowledge and guidance on how to become a more well-rounded individual and contributor of a higher-performing organization.