Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders ®

Transforming 360° feedback to provide leaders with insightful, constructive and actionable feedback that can be implemented immediately


Best use:

  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness and gaining insights from exective team
  • New leader/executive coaching 
  • Preparing for organizational restructuring


  • Selectable comments and feedback for leaders that eliminates the open-ended comments that can be unhelpful 
  • Provides clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to understand the data
  • Immediate action-taking strategies to turn this feedback into execution

What's included:

  • More than 25 pages of in-depth results about the leader that breaks down feedback data and and rater comments 
  • Three strategies for improving effectiveness
  • Allows for unlimited raters; Direct Reports, Peers, Managers, Others
  • Utilizes CommentSmart that allows raters to select from highly-tested, behavior-focused comments 

Facilitation Supplement

For leadership coaches, DiSC provides a facilitation supplement report to utilize during coaching sessions with leaders.  Discuss DiSC style, rater feedback and baselines that represent other leaders average scores.  In addition, the report will provide a performance gap analysis that compares the leader to someone else with the same DiSC style.