Everything DiSC Management ®

Understand your management style, how it affects others and how to support your teams in reaching their potential


Best use:

  • Onboarding new managers and providing tools to be successful
  • Building effective teams that focus on the right things
  • Resolving tension and conflict within teams
  • Providing insights into managerial style and tips for improving behaviors to increase performance


  • Improve communication by recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the styles of your colleagues
  • Understand your management style, your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of those you manage   
  • Build productive relationships and reduce conflict by creating strategies for dealing with various challenges when working with persons of different DiSC styles

What's included:

  • One online assessment per person that takes approx. 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Utilizes adaptive testing technology to provide the highest accuracy and consistent results  
  • Generates an in-depth report with 26-pages of management-specific results that breaks down your DiSC style, and provides detailed insights on how to direct, delegate and motivate others   
  • Comparison reports available to understand differences and similarities between teammates

Interested in delivering training?

DiSC training and facilitation is also available to present a  comprehensive 5-module course.  With the Everything DiSC Facilitation kit you will receive a USB drive loaded with everything you need to conduct tailored courses for managers, teams, or as ongoing employee development.  DiSC training certification is available, but not required.

Kits include: leaders guide, customizable presentation slides, course handouts and templates, videos, sample reports, supporting research and online resources.