Everything DiSC Work of Leaders ®

As a leader, learn how to effectively lead an organization through Vision,
Alignment and Execution 


Best use:

  • New or tenured Leadership/Executive coaching 
  • Building followership and trust through effective communication and behaviors
  • Strategizing and planning for dynamic shifts that will impact the organization 


  • Focuses on how leaders tendencies can influence certain leadership situations
  • Develops leaders at any level by reflecting on how they approach work, their teams and the overall organization
  • Builds leadership action plans with personalized tips and strategies that are easy to apply

What's included:

  • Developed for leaders of an organization, at any level
  • Based on 4-year research program that uncovered leadership best practices and how to implement effectively
  • Leaders receive a powerful, leadership focused, in-depth report with 23-pages of context-specific feedback that will help you grow as a leader

Interested in delivering training?

DiSC training and facilitation is also available to present a  comprehensive 5-module course.  With the Everything DiSC Facilitation kit you will receive a USB drive loaded with everything you need to conduct tailored courses for leaders.  DiSC training certification is available, but not required.

Modules: Work of Leaders Introduction, Vision, Alignment, Execution, Developing Action Plans

Kits include: facilitators guide, customizable presentation slides, course handouts and templates, videos, sample reports, supporting research and online resources.