Everything DiSC Workplace ®

Understand your own unique value and how to create and maintain more effective and productive working relationships


Best use:

  • New hire onboarding and continuous employee development
  • Building strong functional, matrix or project-based teams
  • Learning effective communication techniques to resolve conflict, influence and get work done 
  • Preparing employees for promotion and new responsibilties


  • Improve communication by recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the styles of your colleagues
  • Gain valuable knowledge to communicate, influence and perform at a higher level
  • Build productive relationships and reduce conflict by creating strategies for dealing with various challenges when working with persons of different DiSC styles

What's included:

  • One online assessment per person that takes approx. 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Utilizes adaptive testing technology to provide the highest accuracy and consistent results.  
  • Generates an in-depth report with 20-pages of “easy-to-understand” assessment results that breaks down your DiSC style and how to engage with similar and different styles in the workplace. 

Interested in delivering training?

DiSC training and facilitation is also available to present a comprehensive 3-module course.  With the Everything DiSC Facilitation kit you will receive a USB drive loaded with everything you need to conduct tailored courses for teams, new hire orientation, or as ongoing employee development.  DiSC training certification is available, but not required.

Kits include: leaders guide, customizable presentation slides, course handouts and templates, videos, sample reports, supporting research and online resources.