Managing and Administering Everything DiSC®

Do you want full control of your DiSC program?

EPIC is your online access to control DiSC assessment distribution, scoring, reports and analysis for your organization.  EPIC puts the control of DiSC in your hands, and by simply purchasing credits that are applied to your account, you will have access to what you need when you need it.

We recommend EPIC accounts for organizations:


With 15+ employees that will engage with DiSC products


That want full control of reports and data and ability to reproduce at any time, along with the flexibility to grant access to information and organize folders to suit your needs


Looking for access to all types of assessments and ease of distribution by delivering direct from a private account

How to get started:

An EPIC account will need to get started with the purchase of a “starter pack” of credits; there is no setup fee or any added costs compared to purchasing an assessment on it’s own.  If you already have an EPIC account, you can simply purchase additional credits based on what fits your needs.   Assessments and reports have varying credit requirement.  We’ve created this table to make it easy to evaluate.

Everything DiSC Profiles

  • Workplace             15 credits
  • Management        25 credits
  • Sales                       25 credits
  • Work of Leaders   25 credits
  • 363 for Leaders    50 credits
  • Group Reports      25 credits