In my opinion, most leadership programs don’t do a great job of teaching what it takes to manage and grow.  WorkDisc did not provide some cookie cutter program. They took the time to understand my goals and challenges. They connected with each person, aligned all of them together, and worked with them for over two months. Our team enjoyed the training and deployed their new skills in real time.

Benu Aggarwal

President & Founder, Milestone

I’m a firm believer in the DiSC program and what you can learn about your behavioral traits, motivators, communication style, and more importantly how to effectively interact with others.  As an executive, I found this knowledge inspiring as it helped me to be a better leader.  In addiiton, the one-on-one coaching I received provided me with tools and approaches to use my “high D” effectively at work.

Eric Papczun

President, Inneractivate

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